Invest in Yourself for Potential Sugar Daddies

Rewind to the moment when women, or sugar babies, began to realize their effect on men

I can remember this vivid moment happening in my adult life, and let’s be honest, it’s really only your adult life that matters, anything before that is like the pre-qualifying round, if you make it, you can play.
If you were ever an athlete, growing up renders you unaware to the sexual powers your body possesses. The way the body performs and functions are the ways in which it’s measured, not in bed and not by the way it looks.
When I became aware of the sexual powers a lean strong body can hold over men of all ages, I chose to invest in its  sustainability by spending time and money on maintaining it.
Sugar daddies love when, during moments of intimacy, you wrap a pair of strong legs around them, use core strength (thank you Pilates), stabilize a tight and erect torso, and disseminate your prowess all over them. It’s almost a perfect weapon, almost. Few sugar daddies have been able to withstand its power.
So… on that note… sugar babies really need to learn to invest in themselves more, and not just rely on sugar daddies for everything! Having sugar daddies in our lives is a treat, not to be taken for granted.
I mean, let’s face it, you expect a sugar daddy to be the only one to pay for a membership on sugar daddy dating sites like ? Even before they’ve met any of you lovely ladies? That’s preposterous! Isn’t that like paying $100 to choose from door number 1, 2, or 3 and finding nothing on the other side? That is not fair—that is not winning!
Come on, meet a generous sugar daddy in the middle and get your own membership! Don’t be so helpless, if you can help it—
Things you can do to invest in yourself that may impress a sugar daddy:
  • Pay for your own friggin’ sugar baby membership
  • Be as active as possible! Go take a walk on the wild side and run your ass off—nobody likes a flabby sugar baby
  • Wash your hair, brush it, and style it… daily- duh!
  • Shop for your own clothes, or hire a personal stylist- how can you afford one? Well prioritize your finances, duh! – You are here to be a better sugar baby, not ask for a handout
Know your power as a sexual prowess.
Use it to your advantage.
Take ownership and responsibility of the care and well-being of yourself.
Can’t do these things—then you really have no business dating, sugar daddies or otherwise. Really, no joke.
Don’t waste a sugar daddy’s time, don’t waste your time.
Oh yeah, and don’t forget what I said about wrapping your legs around your sugar daddies face—works every time!

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