Sugardaddy- Mind of a Married Woman

I should’ve married for money. Life would be so much simpler. OK, maybe not, but at least it could be more solvent. I’ve met women who swear by the “marry first for money, second for love” rule of anti-feminist living, and they seem perfectly content. Why couldn’t I have been the type that thinks with her head, not her heart? Had plenty of sugar-daddy 3806e0d3b2d9ee98adcopportunities when I was younger, but none of those very nice older gentlemen really did it for me. I was holding out for an ideal. Shows what I knew. When joking about our money woes, my husband sometimes teases ‘why don’t you go out and get us a second husband? Someone with a yacht would be nice.’ He stopped joking after I came close last Christmas. It would’ve been so damned easy.

I was working, and my husband and son were away. This is so rare that I jumped at the chance to do whatever I wanted. And I wanted to go out for a drink. Somewhere fancy. One $14 glass of wine later, I was chatting with two men and the cute-ish one signaled the bartender to refill my glass. Thank god, ‘cuz I only had $20 on me. You guys come in so handy sometimes. They were doctors (plastic surgeons, even — egads!), who regularly travel to NYC for work.

They were fun, smart, not-too-bad looking, and one was even recently divorced. What a goldmine! The divorced one wasn’t even a little phased by my married-with-child status. Go figure.

Three glasses of wine down, and Divorced Doctor remembers they were headed to dinner, did I want to join? Yes, yes I did. I was hungry and tipsy and hey, it was Christmas. But his friend had plans so it was just going to be me and Divorced Doctor.

And here’s where you ask: How stupid ARE you?

Just stupid enough, thanks. I was having fun, and knew what I was getting into. During dinner he fed me details about how maybe I could fit into his pretty-nice-sounding life.

So I thought about it…here was someone who needed ‘company’ about once a month, wasn’t unpleasant, would subsidize my day-to-day … it felt like a ‘Calgon Take Me Away’ moment. I just had to be a devoted whore.

Could I actually do it? The thing is…at a different time, I probably could. But I’m a better whore than devotee, and have never been great at faking it.

And since I think with my heart, not my head, the people in my heart popped into my head. So then Divorced Doctor seemed like a sad, lonely man, not an answer to anything. It was just a silly whim, stepping into a different life for a minute. Turns out, I mostly like my current one. So I said thanks but no thanks, and headed home.


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