Love Story

Ain’t love grand? We love to celebrate the success of our members! We define “success” as anyone who benefits from our site in aspects of marriagefaith,friends, and romance. sugardaddymeet  has helped people living with STDs find one another more than any other places. We’re excited and proud of all of our successful couples!

Love story from Beautiful Life

I met my husband on sugardaddymeet  We dated long distance for about six months and we both knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. In August 2012, he flew to New Orleans for some Marine pre-deployment training preparation before he left for Afghanistan and I drive down from Kentucky to see him. He had always said he was going to marry me but I didn’t think he was going to right then. He asked me to marry him the first day I got down there and we were married the very next day. The day after we got married, he shipped back to Camp Pendleton. He got two weeks leave to come home to me before his deployment and then he left for the desert for seven months. He has been home since the beginning of June and we could not be happier! I have never been with anyone who loved me for exactly who I am, faults and all. He really is the man of my dreams, as corny as that sounds! Thank you for helping me meet the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with!

— BeautifulLife , Redondo Beach, United States
Soul Mates by the click of a mouse… 

I was very skeptical at first and really thought at most I’d find a hook up. After talking via phone, text, and emails for about a month we finally met for the first time. We stayed in the restaurant until well after they closed just talking. After many more dates we moved in together and are currently trying to plan out a wedding and trying for our first child. I’ve never been in love, never knew true love, until him.
Advice to other members:
Give the guys the benefit of the doubt… when you’re face to face is when you really see who they are.
—GvillGrl and jscotty44, Greer, United States
I found someone FANTASTIC here!!!!

I seen Michaels’ profile on August 20th and he seemed like a nice normal guy, so I sent him an email. He answered me a couple days later and we talked back and forth for a couple of weeks before we had an opening in our schedules to meet. We met at IlFornello’s for dinner and it was so comfortable that we stayed for hours. Then we went out for coffee until the the coffee house closed and kicked us out.
We continued to chat and email and had our second date on Sept. 5. A movie and dinner. We talked until midnight when I walked him home. We’ve talked everyday since and we have so much in common (besides our status). We were both looking for someone who would understand what our status meant (and didn’t mean). I’m convinced that is going to be a great relationship, and that is why I’ve left the site.
Thanks for the great service.
— roblinc , Toronto, Canada
Your site is fabulous and keep to the good work 
I have first corresponded with the Brazilian Lady from the sugardaddymeet  in April 2009.She did come to England not to see me but to work at first and we did still keep in touch. She is working in Walls. She did come to visit me in London last September and i been to see her and from there Love has developed. No plan to get married but plan to live together when she finish her training.
Your site is fabulous and keep to the good work. A thousand thanks.
Christian, London, UK

True Love (Dating)

we now live together. and have truely relized that we love each other to spit our differences and we always work things out. *MUAH*

—desplay and sassydc419, Bryan, United States


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