Perfect First Dating ?

20 Things You Should Never Do On A First Date:

1. Pretend you’re not hungry, or order the salad. Eat what you want!
2. Do what everyone else does- dinner & a movie. 8d5494eef01f3a297ecca2be9825bc315c607cbd_conew1
3. Spend half of it texting/tweeting/etc. In fact this goes for all social outings. Put the phone away or stay home.
4. pull into 7-11 and say “I got to run in and grab some condoms real want anything?”
5. A lot of people hide their true personality on the first date because they’re scared of what the person may think.
6 .Compare them to your ex.
7 .Tell her your nickname is ‘The Divorce Force’.
8. Ramble on about your ex. Nothing spews you’re vulnerable, needy, and unstable more than talking about your ex.
9 .Start talking about the new Game of Thrones episode while openly weeping.
10. Don’t be texting other girls.
11. let her walk the street on the side of traffic smh
12 .Ask to split the check.
13 .say I love you
14. Forget her name multiple times.
15. talk about the future. it’s a first date. the future scares people. take it down a notch
16. Talk about sex.
17 .Stare at other people you find attractive . You’re on a date . Calm yourself .
18 .Dress like you just got done shopping at versace but the next day you wearing walmart clothes
19. Pay with coupons, like no.
20 .make her open your door.


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